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What is Radian6?

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Radian6 is a social listening tool that is dedicated to listen, analyze and engage information being shared publicly online. Radian6 is an online tool under the Salesforce brand, and AllFamous Digital is the authorized reseller of this program in the ASEAN Region.

Never has it been that information travels faster than any other time in the history of mankind. In the social media landscape, any single point of discussion can generate hundreds of thousands of mentions per minute. This pace at how social media mentions are moving is both wonderful and overwhelming.

Now that we know that the data is there, what do we do about it? At AllFamous, we have Radian6, a social listening tool that can help you make sense of these mentions to make the information usable for your business. But, before we dive into the details of what this tool can do for you, let’s take a quick detour on what social listening is, which is part of the key features of Radian6.

Social Listening at a Glance

Social listening has been around for years. Back then, social listening means doing a manual scan of social media posts, mostly from Facebook and Twitter, and making inferences about these posts through reports. Back then, since the information being sent through social media is still quite low, it’s manageable to do it in this way.

These days however, there is another way to manage the volume of mentions, thereby making social listening easier to manage in spite of the large volume of mentions coming in. This is through the use of Radian6, which is a social listening tool that can crawl a large volume of posts in real time.

Here’s a quick look into the basic definition of social listening.

Inside Radian6
Radian6 has a lot of different key areas, each with their own purpose as far as social listening is concerned.
1. The Analysis Dashboard

The Radian6 analysis dashboard is the mother ship of the operations. Through the Analysis Dashboard, you can generate the mentions of whatever it is in social media that you would like to follow for a certain time period.

Radian6 does this through the use of a Topic Profile. A topic profile is a complex keyword search tool which makes sure to gather all of the mentions of your brand in social media, with filters for language, region and source if you want specific data coming from specific sources. This is where all of the power of Radian6 comes from, and without a properly set up Topic Profile, you can’t do proper social listening and engagement through this tool.

Click here to know how you can setup a Topic Profile through Radian6.

Once you have a Topic Profile properly setup, you can then load your widgets. Widgets provide the visual representation of your Topic Profile that you need in order to analyze and interpret the social media mentions that you have been getting. These Radian6 widgets are:

River of News Widget

a. River of News

The River of News Widget shows the raw data with the mentions of your brand. You will get this widget in a timeline format, with 25 posts being shown per page.

You can also choose to sort the river of news so that you can see which post had the most number of comments, or which tweet from the user has the most amount of followers, among others.

Conversation Cloud Widget

b. Conversation Cloud

The Conversation Cloud Widget is a widget that shows the Top 50 words from the last 1000 posts about your brand.

Unlike other conversation clouds that you will find elsewhere, the conversation cloud widget of Radian6 is interactive, meaning that you can click on those words and analyze the data according to the requirements of your report.

Share of Voice

c. Topic Analysis

The topic analysis widget is the best widget to monitor the volume of mentions of your brand, or even your competitors. This is where the terms “Share of Voice” and “Share of Conversation” would come in, which is explained further in our other AllFamous Blog about social media metrics (insert link here).

Aside from competitive analysis, the topic analysis widget is helpful when it comes to looking at segmentation of social media metrics. Which sentiment has more mentions, positive or negative? Are males responding better to this campaign than females? These and other similar questions can be justified through the use of this widget.

Topic Trends Widget

d. Topic Trends

The Topic Trends Widget in its most basic purpose determines the highs and lows of your brand in terms of mentions. From this widget, you can analyze the mentions and see why your brand is getting or losing mentions at any one point. Trends are very helpful when it comes to campaign monitoring, to see if your communication is being utilized in social media.

This widget is also helpful in crisis monitoring. Radian6 can segment the mentions through the topic trends widget by sentiment. Through this widget, you can see if a rise on the number of negative mentions should be a cause for alarm. A rise in positive mentions can also indicate a resounding favorable outlook of people towards your brand.

2. The Summary Dashboard

If you want a quick glimpse as to what is happening with what you are monitoring in social media, then the Summary Dashboard is your answer. The Radian6 Summary Dashboard is a high level tool that is connected to the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard, showing you what is happening in social media about your brand in a matter of seconds.

What’s great about the Radian6 Summary Dashboard is that aside from giving a quick glimpse in terms of social listening, you can also export quick reports that you can send out to key members of your company quickly. If you have a need for daily social media monitoring but pressed for time and resources, the Radian6 Summary Dashboard is your solution.

For resources regarding the Radian6 Summary Dashboard, click here.

3. Social Studio (Formerly known as Buddy Media and the Radian6 Engagement Console)
Social listening is where you learn about your consumer, and it goes hand in hand with engagement. Engagement is the process of taking action through what you are observing through social listening.

It’s as simple as this: if you are getting positive mentions about your brand from a notable personality, then you would definitely have to thank him or her so that the process can happen again. If you are getting a lot of mentions from detractors, then you can also use engagement as a way to convert these detractors to brand advocates.

This concept is best explained through a short video about Social Studio below:

Through the social listening power of Radian6, you can reach the people you need to reach in real time. You can amplify the positive feedback about your brand, and you can prevent negative mentions from growing. If you have the power to harness your brand’s mentions in social media, why not take the chance to build your audience through Radian6?

Who uses Radian6?

Radian6 is widely used by two types of companies: agencies and enterprises. Agencies include advertising and digital agencies who would like to monitor campaigns, make social listening reports and respond to crises happening in social media, while enterprises comprise of companies who would like to strengthen their social customer care through the use of Radian6 and all of its accompanying tools.

Over 55% of the Fortune 500 companies now use Radian6 and all of its accompanying tools for their Social Listening and Engagement needs. They’ve seen the value of Radian6 not just for social listening, but as part of their “social enterprise. ” Watch this quick video about how Comcast, the largest mass media and communications company in the world uses Radian6 to their advantage.

For a quick overview of Radian6, click here.


Social listening is not the future — it is happening right now, at this very moment, while you are reading this blog. Large corporations understand that the move towards investing in social media is a bold but the right step towards maintaining their reputation and addressing the needs of their customers outside of the services available offline.

While the climate in the tools in social media changes, whether more people use mobile devices or focus on the use of applications, the move towards social listening won’t change. Rest assured that Radian6 will evolve alongside the new trends in social media, and placing an investment and pioneering the investment in social media would be quite beneficial.

For any further queries about Radian6, shoot me an email at iggy@allfamous.com.


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