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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Overview

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What if you could join each of your customers on a one to one journey, delivering the right message through the right channel at exactly the right time?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most powerful digital marketing platform that lets you create a personalized experience for every customer. Data for many source like web analytics or CRM data is unified to build a single view of your customer and it’s all actionable with dragon drop tools making segmentation a breeze.

Now, you’re able to:

  • Tailor each customer journey from the welcome stage for new customers to the VIP stage when they become loyalty members
  • Set triggers based on customer behaviors. Test new ideas like targeted ads, emails and push notifications.
  • Select goals
  • Modify wait times and connect, marketing, sales and service to make any journey possible.
  • Easily build emails using dynamic and predictive content with dragon drop editing and intuitive scripting language. Collect real time browsing behavior to respond with personalized recommendations.
  • Use CRM data to better target your advertizing and
  • Deliver social customer care by listening and engaging with your customers across social media.
  • Provide them with the support they need wherever they are

 Learn more here:

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you’re now able easily analyize and optimize every journey. Tracking deliverability and engagement. Running your marketing right on your phone. Connecting and engaging with your customers on the world most trusted platform from anywhere. Connect with your customers like never before with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


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