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Salesforce to Discontinue Radian6, Transitions to Social Studio

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We’ve all seen it coming.

After several of its features have been discontinued a few weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before our speculations were confirmed: Radian6 will be discontinued entirely.

In an email announcement, Salesforce said the social listening platform is approaching its retirement on March 2018.

After that date, you can no longer login to your account nor use the platform. On the upside, you’ll still be able to access social listening and analytics on Social Studio.

Salesforce wants to ensure the best customer experience and system stability. Improved social account management, functionalities and administrative controls will be included in Social Studio as a solution. Salesforce will continue to support Radian6 until the transition period ends.

The cloud computing company is encouraging the rest of its customers to move to a new and upgraded Social Studio.

Social Studio combines the social media monitoring technology of Radian6 and content publishing capabilities of Buddy Media software. Social Studio and Radian6 both have the ability to listen, publish, engage and analyze online, but with Social Studio, you can simultaneously do these functionalities with just few clicks.

Also, the modern, sleek UI design helps users quickly grasp and learn the product. Social Studio is a single, multifunctional social media platform aiming to build a community of marketers to work with one another.

You can read the full announcement from Salesforce here. Get in touch with us if you need help in migrating to Social Studio and we’ll be glad to help you out.


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