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Salesforce Social Studio February 2017 Release Notes

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We’re into the first quarter of the year, and as many Marketing Cloud users know, it’s the time for updates and new releases.

One of those most awaited releases are the updates for Social Studio, the social media management solution of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This year, there are a number of new features we can’t wait to try out. Here are some we’re most excited about:

  • Transfer of account ownerships
  • Emojis on Publish
  • Bit.ly on Engage
  • Macros in Analyse
  • Multiple dashboards using multiple data sets
  • Advanced Boolean keyword searches
  • Real-time Facebook ad data on Command Center, and more.


The ownership of social accounts are now transferable from one user to another and even from one admin to another, giving you more options in managing accounts.

How to check/use: Click on the General Admin Settings in the top right corner, choose the social account you want to transfer ownership to then click Transfer Ownership.

Moreover, you can now also allow your agencies to manage only certain social accounts, for better management of user roles and permissions.

How to check/use: In workspace settings > Users > Choose who you want to manage, click Edit > Publishing Permissions > Customize

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You can now add emojis to posts on Publish. This update, which was available for Engage last November, includes more than 1,100 emojis to choose from.



There are a number of new features for Engage, including:

‘In-reply to’ information is now viewable for Twitter posts, giving you better context about tweet conversations.

You can now view images better and in higher resolution with the improved Image Lightbox.

Bit.ly is now available in Engage, letting you shorten URLs and track metrics. You’ll need to manually shorten the links per post, as it’s the default setting.



You can now use macros in Analyse, letting you apply workflows directly in the Dashboard for more accurate reports and quicker responses.

How to set up/use: Just select any post and the macro tab will be there.


Blending dashboards to show multiple data sources side-by-side is now available. You can now view data analytics and topic profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other data sources in one dashboard.

How to set up/use:  On the Analyse dashboard, click the “edit”, click “”add”, choose which card and data source you want to use.

On top of that, filters for individual cards are now available. You can segment them by media type, keyword group, post label, sentiment, and other filter options.

How to use: Click “Edit” > select data card, and then choose the filters.


Feed exporting has also been improved, allowing you to export the feed from a card to CSV. These feed reports include additional information such as quote tweet/retweet labels.

How to use: Click the drop down arrow button on a data card, click ‘Export as CSV’.

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Keyword searching within data sets become easier with advanced Boolean keyword searches. Rather than simply doing individual word searches, you can now combine keywords using Boolean operators such as AND, NOT, and OR.How to use: Segment a data set, choose keyword (as  how you create a topic profile), and choose which operator you’ll need.



You can now get more in-depth information about Facebook ads as these are now visualised in real time on Command Center. View clicks and impressions, actions, and total spends as data becomes available.

You can also assess and modify the ads as you go, as well as view ads across brands or product lines.

How to use: Simply hover above a point on the graph to display the value in real-time.

More details about the new release and its features will be out once the webinar release slides are available. In the meantime, you can contact us for questions or assistance on how you can maximize these new features to improve your social media strategy.



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