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Training and Enablement

We provide professional training services to enable your staff on how to use CRM, Marketing and Social Media software and best /

We offer custom training packages to ensure your teams are skilled and enabled to use the technology correctly, including CRM, Marketing Automation and Social Media.

How Does it Work?

Rolling out new technology to enable, scale and track your digital marketing operations often involves significant business change and impact to users, who are often used to using primitive and complex manual processes.

Services we offer /

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End User Training

We will train your direct end users to ensure they are comfortable using the software and configuration. Our End User Training is often customized to the business depending on the requirement. For example, if we were training an Airline, we would include specific use cases from that industry e.g. Lost Luggage.

These are the typical courses:

  • Social Studio Introduction (4 hours)
  • Social Studio Bootcamp (8 hours)
  • Social Studio Radian6 Reports Builder (16 hours)
  • Social Hub Administration Training (4 hours)
  • Social Customer Service Training (16 hours)

Train the Trainer

Enable your team to scale and receive regular training on an ongoing basis. Training your trainers is the perfect way to leverage your existing training team and bring the IP into your organization so it can be repeated. We offer a comprehensive train the trainer program that gets your trainers up and running in no time.

The trainers will be given the tools and skills to perform regular assessments to understand training gaps and needs amongst users. Enabling them to identify skills gaps and proactively fix them.

Social Studio / Radian6 Training

The Salesforce Social Customer Service solution natively integrates social channels with your existing Service Cloud or Sales Cloud licenses, enabling true Social CRM out of the box. Reply to social inquiries from within Salesforce CRM, and keep track of the end to end customer interaction history in one place, regardless of which channel they prefer to use.

Enable your voice contact center to see the history of interactions on social channels and vice versa, ensuring a smooth customer experience and reducing the friction by knowing the context of a customer’s service history without having to ask them.

Social Customer Service Training

We can train your Social Customer Service agents to provide world class social customer service, and leverage the latest marketing technology to ensure they are using workflow and automation efficiently.

Social Customer Service is becoming the preferred care channel for customers globally, and brands are recognizing that it is more efficient than voice. Because of this it is important that your Social Customer Service agents are trained and enabled to effectively provide a level of service consistent with your contact centers.

Social Crisis Management Training

We provide scenario based crisis training to companies who are at risk of crises occurring offline or online. All crises worth taking note of generally occur in social media, news, blogs and forums so it is important you have a well known and practiced social media crisis procedure. No different to a fire drill.

We offer the following Crisis Management Training:

  • Crisis Team Training
  • General Staff Crisis Training
  • Executive Crisis Training Workshop
  • Executive Crisis Training Workshop

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