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Social Media Playbook

A Social Media Playbook is a must-have for any company active on social media/

Does your business have an operating manual for how you run your social media? Have you thought about the structure and how you are going to scale it in a crisis? We are experts in building playbooks for large enterprises that need a more robust approach to their social accounts.

How Does it Work?

Over the last few years, we have perfected our social media playbook templates. We work in a consultative fashion where we understand your business, and tailor the playbook to suit you.

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Social Customer Service Playbook

No different to running a voice contact center, social customer service requires a significant amount of governance and process to ensure it runs smoothly. Our Social Customer Service playbook includes everything from roles and responsibilities, to channel strategy, to tagging and assignment.

A good Social Media Playbook is a robust operating procedure that all business stakeholders and agencies or partners can align on so there is no confusion, and the channels are run as effective business communication tools.

Social Crisis Playbook

Businesses that operate with a high risk of crises need a robust operating procedure to follow across all social accounts.

More often than not the source of a crisis happens offline, and social media acts as the host for the conversation. It is a highly sensitive and fragmented channel that can be used as an effective crisis monitoring and management tool, if prepared well.

Our crisis playbook follows a four step framework including Prepare, Monitor, Respond and Review that ensures there is coverage regardless of where an organization is in the lifecycle.

Social Publishing Playbook

Great social marketing needs to be unique, engaging and painfully repetitive every single day. Often 5+ skillsets are involved in a social media marketing team, so it is incredibly important to have a clear publishing procedure.

Our Social Publishing Playbook covers all aspect of marketing and publishing within your social pages from ideation, to strategy to approval workflow and KPIs.

Social Engagement Playbook

Not all engagement should be reactive. Listen into relevant conversation topics on social and get involved. This is a great marketing strategy to engage potential customers, generate social leads and increase your Share of Voice and general awareness on social media.

We apply an engagement framework that simplifies the actions Community Managers or Social Sellers need to take depending on the context of a conversation. The Playbook acts as a common source of internal strategies to proactively engage with various types of people across various channels online.

Social Listening Playbook

Social Listening as a business process is not as simple as turning on some expensive software. No different to security, it pays to have people physically monitoring, especially if your business is highly prone to reputation attacks.

Our Social Listening Playbook covers everything from the monitoring process to metrics and KPIs, even escalation and reporting templates.

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