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Social Customer Service

Run your Social Customer Service with as much care as your voice contact center /

Your customers expect you to be responsive on social. If you don’t have a robust process for handling these inquiries they will get lost in the noise and may give your social customers an inconsistent brand experience and increase friction unnecessarily.

By implementing a robust Social Customer Service solution, you will ensure complaints and inquiries get raised, tracked to close and timed, so that you can manage social in the same way you would manage voice customer service.

How Does it Work?

Once you buy the necessary Salesforce Service Cloud and Social Studio licenses we can activate Social Customer Service by configuring and integrating the platforms, then building a Social Customer Service Playbook that tells you how to operate the system in the context of your business.

Services we offer /

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Maintain a 5 Minute Response time

Customers expect large brands to be responsive on Twitter. How responsive? Studies have shown that due to the nature of social, customers are likely to turn their attention to other matters after 5 minutes, and are slower to respond to questions or follow ups.

By implementing a solution that natively tracks average response time you can start to measure it as a KPI, in the same way you’d measure answer time as an SLA in voice contact centers.

Intelligent Case Creation and Routing

The Salesforce Social Customer Service solution not only creates cases when complaints and inquiries are directed at your social pages, it also listens for social mentions where specific keywords are used (e.g. your brand name) and can create a case from this. This enables you to ensure you respond to complaints, negative feedback or even compliments, even if they are not directed at your brand.

You can also set intelligent routing and assignment rules within your organization depending on the sentiment of the mention, whether it was from an influencer or VIP, if it mentioned a specific keyword (e.g. Billing), and many other factors. This ensures issues are routed to the correct people within your organization without the need for manual assignment.

Native CRM Integration

The Salesforce Social Customer Service solution natively integrates social channels with your existing Service Cloud or Sales Cloud licenses, enabling true Social CRM out of the box. Reply to social inquiries from within Salesforce CRM, and keep track of the end to end customer interaction history in one place, regardless of which channel they prefer to use.

Enable your voice contact center to see the history of interactions on social channels and vice versa, ensuring a smooth customer experience and reducing the friction by knowing the context of a customer’s service history without having to ask them.

Social Customer Service Playbook

The most complex aspect of operating a world class social customer service operation is ensuring you have a clear and repeatable business process for your staff to follow. One of our core capabilities is eliciting and articulating your business process within a Social Customer Service Playbook.

We have a very solid Playbook template that we have deployed to many enterprises across APAC. This includes the following:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Objectives and KPIs
  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Channel Strategy
  • Response Guidelines
  • Crisis Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reporting

Training and Enablement

We offer custom training packages to ensure your teams are skilled and enabled to use the technology correctly, as well as follow the latest best practice for Social Customer Service.
Rolling out new technology to enable, scale and track your Social Customer Service operation often involves significant business change and impact to users, who are often used to operating the native social networks directly.
Our training packages include:

  • End User Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Playbook Training
  • Administration Training

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