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Content Marketing

Scale and augment your branded content operation/

Our large team of expert creators, writers, designers and editors will work closely with you to augment your existing creative and content teams, with additional hands and world class production capabilities.

How Does It Work?

We typically work on a fixed price retainer where clients get a defined set of scope each month, or we can provide dedicated resources that bill daily. The services range from high quality blogs, to social videos, to social content calendar management.

Services we offer/

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Social Content Calendar Management

We will populate your content calendar with killer content that drives engagement and sign-ups. We leverage Salesforce Social Studio approval workflows so you have full control over what gets published.

  • Collaborate over a shared content calendar
  • Approval workflows provide full control over publishing and FB advertising
  • Social Advertising management and approval controlled from Social Studio
  • Publish across the major social networks

Social Branded Images and Videos

We create awesome brand images that are shareable on social media. Quotes, memes and factoids are the secret sauce to shareability.

It’s important to regularly come up with unique social content, so we build branded templates at the start of the engagement that we re-use with different copy. Every quarter we update these templates, to ensure your brand always has a fresh look and feel.

Blogs and Press Releases

Writing and publishing regular blog and PR content can be time consuming, difficult to maintain and hard to justify any direct ROI - but you know you should be doing it. We make this process easier by producing high quality “ghost written” blogs or press releases that your target audience will appreciate.

We have a very strict quality process, and are only interested in creating current best practice blogs. We do not practice any black hat tactics like article spinning, because they simply don’t work.

eBooks and Whitepapers

Creating high quality downloadable content can be an excellent way to generate leads from your website and social. We create attractive and professional corporate eBooks and Whitepapers on request.

High quality content assets like eBooks and whitepapers are a great content investment because they can generate leads via download forms for 12+ months.

Responsive Email

We can design, write and build responsive emails in HTML and CSS that you can import into your email marketing software. Email is a channel that needs regular campaigns and content created, we can provide this to you as a service.

Some of the emails you might like to explore:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Event Registration Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Cart Abandonment Emails

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