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    DEC 2016

Customer Love Fest: Connecting Everything Everywhere

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Everything starts with the customer. This was the central theme of this year’s Customer Love Fest event. AFDigital was honored to grace and be a part of the event.

The Customer Love Fest 2016 was recently held at New World Hotel in Makati where entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and marketers came together to recognize and understand how customer loyalty and journeys work for businesses. The conference and exposition invited business executives to discuss customer loyalty, CRM, and customer experience management.


A Smarter World in Digital

AFDigital President and Founder Pauline Pangan was tapped as one of the speakers for the second day of the event, which revolved around customer loyalty.

Ms. Pangan’s talk centered on “A Smarter World, where everything and everyone is connected”.

A few years ago, it took a lot of effort to push marketers closer to their customers because digital strategies were not being implemented.  Today, mobile phones and the internet is essential to many customers as it makes their day easier in so many ways. For example, the right tech and data can let marketers gain insights and knowledge about peers, competitors, and customers.

Love Your Customers

Pauline explained that being customer-driven is crucial to understand your market and provide them with their needed services.

“Your customer is in control. They can fire you anytime they want when they take their business elsewhere,” Pangan explained.

It is always a good idea to develop a significant relationship with customers by walking them through the customer journey and giving them the information they need as quick as you can.

Social Leaps Ahead as an ROI Creator

Pangan also touched on social media marketing being strategy-builders for different high performing companies.

“Social media marketing is not just a marketing function. It has to be cross-functional between Sales, Marketing, Service, HR and Recruitment,” she said. This cross-functional strategy helps increase ROI.  

Social Metrics are significant in companies as well. This allows marketers to track the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and content, including web traffic, leads, and customer engagement.

Pangan adds that having Social Customer Service is a good investment for any company. Aside from being able to reach customers on their preferred social platforms, this service is also 41% cheaper than your traditional call center. It is able to reduce call volume by 30% and increases customer retention by 3-5%.

KLM, an airline that connects their business with social is one of the leaders in social customer service. They have 150 agents dedicated to serving clients via social media and each of them represents almost $170,000 in revenue each year.  




“In any relationship, it is important to listen,” she adds. Social Listening is key to social media marketing and to take action in this process, it is best to invest in the right marketing technology tool. This is how marketers are able to listen to customers and competitors.

It is essential to know how customers think about the brand. Tools like the Social Command Center show different data such as the share of voice and the positive and negative sentiments in real-time. This can be a gold mine of information and insights to improve any marketing or sales strategies and processes. For brands, it’s a valuable tool that gives insights on what the customers think, do, and are saying.

Digital Maturity Assessment and Executive Buy-in

When we talk about the digital maturity of the business, it is not about understanding where the organization has come, but rather what it will grow into. Knowing of digital maturity is an ideal method for monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. These are how marketers  help build a successful framework for their brand.

Pangan strongly believes in what executive buy-in can do for companies that work digitally. In order for great things to come about, there must be full-support from all the executors.

In a fast-changing world where connecting with consumers is key to success, putting them at the center of your strategies and processes shouldn’t be an option—it should be a priority.


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