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    MAR 2017

Advertising Studio Feb 2017 Release

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Advertising Studio keeps getting better with new features from its latest release.

Salesforce has recently announced some exciting updates for Advertising Studio, a powerful advertising solution that allows users to leverage CRM data for smarter digital ads.


Advertising Studio lets you drive results and manage advertising campaigns at scale. It helps unlock your CRM data so you can directly reach out to customers and target market.

The latest release comes with improved functions that makes it effortless for advertisers to execute their campaigns. Companies that want to enhance their new customer acquisition can easily do so with this app. You can target prospects better with lookalikes, reconnect with inactive customers, and align advertising across all channels.

2017 Release — Release Features


Trigger Facebook Lead Ads

On Facebook, it’s simple to create lead ads. You choose your ad creative, set your targeting and bidding type, and then customize your form fields. With the recent updates, however, users can now trigger Facebook Lead Ad campaigns from within Advertising Studio, giving you more convenient access of your ad campaigns on social.

Facebook lead ads is compatible with a number of CRM Partners, including Salesforce Sales Cloud. With the update, Facebook lead ads can now be integrated to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can set up incoming leads to be instantly updated into Advertising Studio. Back then, you had to do it natively on the social media platform.

This update could work well with Lead Capture for Sales Cloud. With the Salesforce Lead Capture, you can extend the power of your digital advertising offering and lead automation solutions on the Advertising Studio, allowing brands to:

  • Look for new prospects on Facebook that are similar to loyal existing customers and target audiences with Facebook Lead Ads
  • Automate the process of customer information from Facebook directly into Sales Cloud, making it easier for sales teams to manage lead pipeline directly
  • Use Marketing Cloud Journey Builder to ensure the sales process and customer messaging are in sync with all other across channels such as email and mobile.
  • Continually refresh audiences in Advertising Studio using information from leads that converted, ensuring the lookalike audiences on Facebook are based on the most up-to-date conversion information.


Better Custom Audience Matching

You can now also build more detailed Custom Audiences, as you can now use other attributes aside from those you get from email and mobile. Other than demographics and location, you can create audiences based on customer and conversion data, including activity in your website or app, and more. This helps your ads reach people similar to your best customers.

It’s a highly-effective way to define your campaign’s demographic target. With Advertising Studio, you can run tests to measure the effectiveness of advertising targeting based on the customer data.

Pushing for 1-1 Advertising

Advertising Studio is one of the fastest-growing tools in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud history.

It lets you manage ads at scale, allowing you to execute campaigns that have better targeting and engagement chances compared to traditional ones. By leveraging the power of data and insights, you get to securely reach customers and prospects across multiple social platforms.

Advertising is often disconnected with the rest of the customer journey. Advertising Studio bridges that gap. Reach out to us today if you want to know more about this app and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


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