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Mobile Marketing Encompasses Everything in Digital

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During a recent interview on Bloomberg TV Philippine’s INSIGHT hosted by Rod Nepomuceno, All Famous Digital Founder and President, Pauline Pangan together with Co-Founder and COO of Xurpas, Raymond Racaza, shared their thoughts and insights on the evolution and importance of Mobile Marketing in the business industry.

Pauline explained the rationale of the transition of marketing strategies that are being executed for its customers: “If marketers’ do not go through a digital transformation, they are not going to be as relevant in the next 5 years.”

Customer Journey: Understand what they want

Now that mobile marketing is the new game plan in many corporate marketing strategies, it is easier to understand the interests of an audience, from what they want to have and what they want to see. Customer expectation has changed tremendously, they demand not just transactions but a partnership, this means you need to earn their trust.

Pauline Pangan Bloomberg TV interview

Marketers now have access to applications that understand audience preferences, click behaviour, and user feedback. This data can then be used to improve marketing and business strategies.

Creating great customer journeys is key to not just acquiring new customers but also increasing customer lifetime value. New marketing tools allow marketers to do this anytime and anywhere and even at their own convenience.

Clearly, marketers cannot go wrong with this kind of method; it takes all businesses onto another stage of reaching their brand goals around consumer acquisition.

Tap available data to get relevance and targeting

As stated by Pangan, “You need to be diligent in gathering and taking advantage of the data so you can better target your customers by knowing their preferences.”

Most data used in connecting with customers are provided by the digital platforms created by tech-marketing vendors for online marketing businesses.

In order to hyper-target the audience, marketers should tap these kinds of mobile and online platforms; it cannot be processed through self-thinking. These useful tools are made to help not just marketers, but their clients in understanding what the campaign or project will foresee from its customers.

In the Bloomberg TV interview, Pangan mentioned that companies are going through digital transformation and the use of new Internet marketing technologies are key to successful implementation. Digital marketing leads us to the time ahead and is the next step in understanding customer behaviour and outlook.

Command Centre - Journey Screen (1)

Salesforce has been in the forefront of advancing digital marketing technology and Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows companies to tap data for many sources like web analytics or CRM data, giving users an unprecedented view of customers.

The thing to bear in mind is what Pauline mentioned during the interview; the traditional and digital strategy of marketing involving technology is on the same line.  It’s all about how you achieve the preferences of the people.

It’s all about providing the best customer journeys, from the moment they visit your web site, purchase goods, using their preferences for more recommendations and until they leave your site.










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