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Bright Ideas puts the Spotlight on the Innovation of AFDigital

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The Bloomberg TV Philippines crew arrived at the AFDigital Manila office last December 2 to figure out what makes the marketing technology company such a strong idea.

AFDigital President and founder Pauline Pangan had an interesting conversation with Bright Ideas, a Bloomberg TV Philippines talk show dedicated to inspiring Filipino entrepreneurs by showcasing the successes of innovative start-ups in the country. Anchorman RJ Ledesma came to AFDigital to put the spotlight on the exponentially growing need for companies to extend their reach to the digital marketing world.


Marketing Tech innovations

“Disruption in the industry is driven by two things — the environment the business operates in and what the business does to drive change,” said Pauline.

Technology and data are massive disruptors within our industry. It has dramatically changed how companies interact with customers, and is a challenge for any company to keep up. As a young and agile company, we are positioned perfectly to navigate this complex and dynamic customer environment.”

How exactly does AFDigital achieve this?

They use advanced marketing technology tools under the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They make sure that a company’s success can be measured not just by profits, but by the raving success of their online customer service.

Pauline also took RJ on a tour of the AFDigital Social Media Command Center. By adding the Bright Ideas brand to the Command Center’s server, the screens behind RJ showcased the different functions that assist companies in managing their social customer journeys. These functions range from tracking Bright Ideas on social networks to analysing the general sentiment of the posts of their audience.


The customer success story

Among utility companies, Meralco has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to customer service. That’s why Meralco Head of Marketing and Customer Solutions Tony Valdez stepped into the spotlight to share how AFDigital was able to assist them in developing a smarter customer journey on social.

“Marketing, at its most basic, is still mirroring who the consumer is. If you mirror who he is, then he knows he’s being understood, and customer service flows more naturally,” said Tony.

There was a lot of chatter on the internet about Meralco due to consumers reaching out to the brand through social. The company needed a way to navigate through that chatter and quantify the data they received. But it was difficult to find partners who were experienced with managing social media.

Understanding exactly what Meralco needed, AFDigital provided Meralco with a social listening tool to help the brand track mentions and brand sentiments on social. This would allow the company to interact efficiently with their customers online.

Today, Meralco has over 1.6 million Twitter followers and over 360,000 Facebook fans. With Twitter, they are the most socially devoted utility company in the Philippines and 6th in the world. AFDigital is very privileged to have played a role in their continued success.

AFDigital’s role

With the assistance of advanced digital marketing tools, tried and proven methodologies, as well as experienced staff, AFDigital is capable of helping companies achieve success. Not just through innovation, but also by helping them embrace the opportunities of social.

Watch how AFDigital make waves on digital marketing innovations here: AFDigital on Bright Ideas



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