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Thank you for making history with us at the first Share of Voice Awards last May 28, 2015!

See you all again next year at the bigger and bolder Share of Voice Awards 2016!


Here’s what happened at the Share of Voice Awards!


You can view Jonathan’s and Jess’ speeches here in case you missed it – or if you want to watch it again.

Keynote Speaker:


Jonathan Yabut is the Season 1 Winner of the hit reality TV show the Apprentice Asia. He rotated in various positions of the Tune Group of Companies and, for 10 years, served in the marketing departments of telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and fast moving consumer goods. He was the 2012 Mansmith Young Market Master Awardee and recently published his first book, "From Grit to Great," a best-seller in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Guest Speaker:


Jess was one of the founding members that built a social media startup from scratch to acquisition, she has lectured students and in house digital teams on digital marketing across Australia and New Zealand and most recently joined Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud to help consult clients across Asia on how they can create personalised experiences with their customers across every digital channel.


The Share of Voice Awards (SOVA) is the first annual industry awards show of its kind that’s based on what millions of Netizens in the Philippines say about brands on social media and various online channels

Simply put, it is the percentage of your brand mentions VS all competitor brand mentions.

“Share of Voice” is a globally used social media metric that measures how many people talk about you, versus competitors on social media and online (e.g. blogs, news, forums).It is literally as simple as the % of your brand mentions vs. all competitor brand mentions.

It is used in a similar way to “market share”, except it’s your share of online chatter, not revenue.

Using Salesforce Radian6, a best of breed social listening and analytics tool, we listened to public social media and internet content for mentions of brands in various contexts, then we compared the results.

The Radian6 default sentiment algorithm determined whether mentions were positive, negative or neutral without human correction. This ensured at least a consistent approach to determine winners in that all brands were treated with the same amount of uncertainty.

The range of data used in the determination of nominees and winners was from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.
The Share of Voice Awards covered brands from these 11 industries:

  • Retail Banking
  • Telco
  • BPO
  • Mobile Brands
  • Airline
  • Insurance
  • Hotels
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • Fast Food
  • E-Commerce

The 3 awards that were given away were the Most Positively Talked About Award, the Best in Customer Care Award, and the overall Share of Voice Award.

Most Positively Talked About Award went to brands that had the highest percentage of positive brand mentions vs. their total brand mentions in their industry.

Best in Customer Care went to brands that had the highest percentage of positive customer experience with the brand's customer care channels versus non-positive mentions of the same in their industry.

The overall Share of Voice Award went to brands that had the highest percentage of neutral and positive mentions. We did not count negative mentions to reduce the likelihood that a brand will win due to a crisis.

Only brands that were above median in mention volume are able to win any awards that depend on sentiment, this is to ensure sentiment ratio accuracy of infrequently mentioned brands.

It is expected that the industries and award definitions will increase and mature each year the awards are run, as there are lots of categories available to compete in. For the first awards, we decided to keep them as simple as possible.

Being successful in the Share of Voice Awards typically isn’t up to the brand's social media team. It is usually caused by factors external to social media that result in people mentioning your brand on social - like an excellent marketing campaign, a catchy TV commercial jingle, an event you sponsor, good or bad customer experiences and even complaints and crises.

Monitoring your brand’s Share of Voice is a great way to encourage adoption of social media across your entire business, and using a modern and easily measurable metric that allows you to consistently measure your success online against your competitors.

View the full list of winners here!

How did we ensure that the results were accurate and honest? /

We involved two independent “Regulators” to assess the competition logic, rules and awarding. These “Regulators” are industry experts and thought leaders who lent their expertise to verify the awards selection process.
These two “Regulators” were Janelle Squires, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Adobo Magazine and Scott Doughty, Regional Vice President of Salesforce Asia.

They came onboard to review the final tally of brand scores and confirmed the legitimacy of the Share of Voice Awards process.


Regional Vice President
of Salesforce Asia

Scott is the Regional Vice President of Salesforce Asia. He is an expert in digital marketing and analytics, improving customer experience across email, social, mobile, and the web for over a decade now. Additionally, he has worked with category leading Marketing Cloud technology vendors such as Adobe and Salesforce, and was greatly involved in delivering customer success across Europe, Australia and Asia.

Scott obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and his Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree from the Swineburne University of Technology, Australia.


COO, Vice President, Partner
at Adobo Magazine

Janelle Barreto-Squires is the Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, and Partner at Adobo Magazine, the country’s leading advertising, marketing, and brand communications publication.

Prior to joining Adobo, she was part of the Mandarin Oriental Manila sales team, and had set up Alliance Optics in the Philippines, handling marketing. In addition, Janelle has had extensive experience in real estate, events organization, and entrepreneurship.

Janelle earned her degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.


The internet penetration of the Philippines is approximately 44% as of 2015. The result of the report does not encompass the voice of the entire population of the country. Local language processing is in its infancy and accuracy of sentiment algorithms will become more advanced over time.

For now, this is a major limitation for the “Most Positively Talked About” metric in that sentiment accuracy is inconsistent. It is, however assumed that this metric's accuracy will improve over time as the tools to measure it improve. Facebook is excluded because the API doesn’t provide location support for countries outside the US. If you were to use keywords to filter the location, the error rate would be variable depending on how well the keywords are optimised. As a result we decided to exclude Facebook. Other popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and Slingshot, are not yet included but are on the roadmap to be included.

We recognise that the Share of Voice metric is limited, but we are comfortable that the metric definition will not change. Its accuracy will improve over time, as listening technology evolves.

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